Thursday, 4 November 2010

Less than six weeks

Well, their reigns are nearly at an end, Alexis and Iain will soon no longer be able to tell everyone that they are World Champions because it is less than six weeks till the third annual Santa Cross World Championships. This year there will be three categories, of young Santa (under 40) and original Santa (over 40) and of course Mrs Claus, all ages as we are too polite to ask ;-)

The race will again be at Glengorm Castle on Sunday the 12th of December with entries being taken on the line as usual so its time to dig out the red suits and get the hats attached to helmets.

See you there


  1. Just had a thought.
    What if having your regulation Santa hat on your helmet interferes with the timing chip being detected?
    Will we have to wear our hats under our helemts and get really sweaty heads??
    Has there been any Santa hat/helmet interference testing done???
    Maybe I need to modify my hat......

  2. A very good point which will be raised with the timing stewards forthwith

  3. Argh! We can do some hat / helmet testing tonight.